Virgo Full Moon : Full Snow Micro Moon

Virgo Full Moon : Full Snow Micro Moon

The Snow Moon arrives on February 24th, gracing us with its presence in the discerning, perfectionist sign of Virgo. February's full moon is known as Snow Moon, due to the cold weather often experienced during this time. Symbolising the culmination of winter, it illuminates the night sky as we eagerly await the warmth and renewal of spring

As we embrace Pisces season, our emotional sensitivities heighten, contrasting with the detached nature of Aquarius. This shift prompts us to reevaluate our responses and adjust accordingly to the deeper emotional currents.

The Virgo full moon emerges amidst this transition, emphasizing practicality as the Sun transitions into Pisces. It prompts reflection on how we can create structures to support our creativity and exploration without succumbing to chaos.

Organizational skills are not confining but rather liberating, providing a framework within which we can freely navigate and explore. Setting boundaries and tidying up loose ends allows us to embrace the boundless realms of the upcoming season.

This full moon invites us to observe areas where we may need to assert boundaries and release outdated approaches. It encourages us to listen to our inner guidance, beyond the chatter of the mind, tuning into our somatic responses, intuition, and heart.

Full moons serve as potent portals for both manifestation and release, and the Snow Moon is no exception. Arriving as winter fades away, it beckons us to shake off the old and embrace fresh starts as we transition into spring.

A full moon rituals can amplify our intentions and facilitate our journey of growth:

  • Writing down what we wish to release and burning the paper to ash
  • Cleanse your home and bring in new energy
  • Moon bathing
  • Pull an oracle card

Full Moon Blessings 🌕✨

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